These are just a few of the many problems Wroxham Computer Services can repair on your laptop/netbook :-

  • Power connector Faults 
  • Screen & Video faults
  • Keyboard & Mouse Pad
  • Broken Cases & Hinges  
  • Fluid Spills & Moisture
  • DVD/ CD Drive Faults
  •  Hard drive faults & data recovery
  • Remove viruses & Install Windows


Which manufacturers do we cover?

Typically we work with all the major laptop brands including HP, IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Dell. We can usually repair most laptop makes and models. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements.

What do we do?  

Having established from you the fault that you are experiencing, we undertake our own investigations to identify the fault and the root cause of it.  Following our preliminary work we will contact you and give a detailed explanation of our findings, the options available and an estimated cost before proceeding with the work.


Screen Replacement

The most common reason for screen replacement is accidental screen damage resulting in an unusable broken LCD but we do repairs for a number of screen faults. Each part price varies depending on your laptop model.


DC Socket Charger Jack Replacement

If you cannot charge your laptop it is likely that DC charger socket is faulty. This can happen if the laptop is dropped, has taken a few bumps or even general "wear and tear". This can happen due to the pin broken or the motherboard is cracked.


Virus/Spyware Removal

Due to their portable nature and the increasing use of removable media, laptops are even more exposed to viruses and spyware. We can remove any viruses or spyware, restoring you computer to its former state. If not possible, we can backup your data and still get you up and running ASAP.


Laptop Health Check/Tune Up

Have your Laptop MOT'd: all System Fans and Heat Sinks (cleaned to minimize heat build-up), Hardrive, Screen, Power Supplies all checked as well as other items to make your laptop start up & run faster and crash less.


Operating System

If the worst happens, we can re-install your operating system, plus all security updates, firewall and antivirus. This Reinstall  includes systems without recovery and drivers media.


Laptop Upgrades and Installation

Let us install/upgrade laptop memory, hardrives etc. Many parts within a laptop can be manufacturer specific and therefore only supplied by them, however, we have special prices with most major laptop suppliers.


Hardware and Software Errors

The most common errors for laptops are DVD drives not working, your screen not displaying correctly or software applications conflicting with each other. Let our hardware and software check diagnose and fix your problems:


How long does a repair take?

In some instances laptop repairs can be completed on the same day as received, but occasionally due to parts availability it can take up to seven days.


Can you repair at my premises?

Usually we prefer to undertake laptop repairs in our own workshop, however we do carry out some repairs off-site but there is an additional charge for call out service.

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