Viruses can affect many people's computers, some worse than others. WCS offer an intense removal of viruses to completely remove them from your computer. A virus can be picked up from going onto a website that you don't know, receiving an infected email, downloading something that has popped up, clicking on pop-ups, filling in forms for a competition that you haven't heard of before, so many things, so many solutions, but one answer, Remove it before it's too late. WCS have the latest software to keep you safe from intrusions, attacks or threats. It is vital that your PC computer or Laptop stays free from viruses because it will just slow your computer down, make it crash, make it do things like visit sites you don't want to visit, delete files, and eventually your computer will just give up..


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WCS are experts in setting up Anti-Virus software for your home or company. WCS will install anti virus software for you and make sure your anti virus software is fully updated and properly configured. Then implement and schedule scanning processes and updates - we will help ensure that viruses never reach your computer and networks easily in the future.



Symptoms of Computer Intrusion:   

Computer virus and malware developers have thousands of tools for breaking into personal computers worldwide and frequently exploit known system vulnabilities which are then shared with the rest of the internet underworld . Here are some of the symptoms of trojans/malware/viruses or even worse a hacker utilizing your computer:


Computer crashing often

Slower than normal Internet access that persists

Running out of Windows "resources"

Having to reboot often

Destroying or erasing your files and programs

Stealing your personal information and files (identity theft)

Sending out spam from your computer

Attacking other computers

As a file storage space for other Internet users

Computer virus is a self-replicating software/program containing codes that explicitly copies itself and can infect and damage other programs/software by modifying them or their environment such that a call to an infected program/software implies a call to a copy of the virus. The longer you operate with an infected computer, you are essentially increasing the chances of data loss, file damage and possibly corrupting other computers.   

If your computer/network have been intruded upon, WCS can detect and eradicate any intrusion or remote programs from your computer.   

Protect your computer with a firewall: Without a firewall, malicious hackers can use your computer. A good firewall can help to protect your computer from system intrusion, destruction of files, identity theft.




WCS can recommend anti virus software but recommends that you go to this review site for further information Click Here Anti Virus Review